Threading Technology – Clamping Technology 520

3 C ATA L O G 5 2 0 Changes of any kind, or printing errors regarding technical details, do not justify any claims. All pictures are without obligation. Reprinting of text or pictures, or extracts thereof, is not allowed without our prior permission. EMUGE Corp. 1800 Century Drive · West Boylston, MA 01583-2121 (508)-595-3600 Phone · (508) 595-3650 Fax · (800) 323-3013 Toll Free  · Thread Cutting Technology · Clamping Technology Welcome to our EMUGE Catalog 520 . Let our new catalog be your guide on a trip to the very leading edge of thread cutting technology and into the twenty-first century! At EMUGE we are dedicated to exhaustive research and development, product manufacturing excellence, and un­ surpassed customer service. We have introduced more new and innovative products recently than ever before in our history. These, in combination with our standard lines, comprise the most comprehensive and technologically advanced thread and cutting tool product line in the world. EMUGE Tools are designed and engineered for use today… and in future. Whether your application requirements are general purpose or high tech, we can find the right thread cutting solution for you. We can recommend the appropriate tool, monitor initial product tests, provide installation assistance, and offer product support services through-out our relationship with you. That promises to be a very long time because our customer relationship tend to be a long term. We’re proud of that. We have a slogan — EMUGE Finds Success In Yours. Let’s work together for that success.