Threading Technology – Clamping Technology 520

353 Thread Mills UNC UNF UN M MF NPSF Rp (BSPP) G BGF W BSW, BSF NPT NPTF Rc (BSPT) STI SELF-LOCK Accessories Tech. Info v c / f z Product Finder ZBGF GSF (Aero) GSF-Z GF(I), GF-Z GF-Vario-Z GF-H GF(I)-KEG ZGF(I) CIRC-GF Gigant FPC, FMC MoSys Technical Information Page 4.1 Characteristics and advantages of thread milling 354 4.2 Our EMUGE thread mill types 354 - 356 4.3 Possible modifications on thread mills 357 4.4 Calculation of cutting data 358 4.5 Thread milling processes (right-hand thread) 359 4.6 Problems, possible causes and solutions in thread milling 360 - 361