Threading Technology – Clamping Technology 520

5 Contents Twist Drills 363 - 428 5 Thread Gages 429 - 476 6 Tap Holders and Tapping Attachments 477 - 650 7 General Information 651 - 671 8 656 WorkpieceClamping SystemSP By applying an axial force the clamping sleevesmove in direction of the force and expand radially.On the one hand this eliminates the clearance between clamping sleeve and body,on the other hand between clamping sleeve and workpiece.Theworkpiece is being clamped. Depending on the tolerance of theworkpiece,on the design of the clamping tool and of the clamping sleeves the systemSP achieves concentricities of≤ 0.002mm (corresponding to≤ 0.0001 inch). Due to this high precision the systemSP is not only used to clampworkpieces, it is also used to clamp tools. Released Clamped SystemSZ If theworkpiece to be clamped has only a short clamping base or if the diameter to be clamped has a very large tolerance,systemSZ is used. By applying an axial force a slitted collet is radially expanded by a cone. Simultaneously an axialmovement occurs.Theworkpiece is being clamped. Released Clamped SystemSG Depending on the type of design the systemSP only allows radial expansion up to tolerance class IT11.To bridge larger tolerances,systemSG is used. This is a slitted clamping bushwith a special buttress thread.With this thread the bush is screwed onto the body.By applying an axial force the clamping bushmoves in direction of the force.Due to the thread angle there is also a radial expansion.Theworkpiece is being clamped. The axial component,which has an effect on theworkpiece, increases the transferable torque and the stiffness of the clamping process.Consequently theworkpiece is safely clamped even if it ismachinedwith a large depth of cut. Released Clamped 657 WorkpieceClamping SystemSH If there is not enough room for amechanical clamping system,hydraulic systemSH is used. It also allows clamping long, thin-walledworkpieces or a number of similarworkpieces. SystemSH is a closed system filledwith hydraulic oil.A force is applied on itwith a piston.The hydraulic pressure radially expands the thin-walled clamping zone.Theworkpiece/theworkpieces is/are being clamped. Released Clamped SystemSM In order tomanufacture high precision gearwheels for example, it is very important that the eccentricity between pitch circle and seating bore is very small. For this purpose the diaphragm clamping systemSM is used.Formachining the seating bore it allows clamping of the gearwheel at the pitch circle. The clamping element is a ring diskwith primarily three clamping jaws. If the workpiece is thin-walled the diaphragm can also have four or six clamping jaws.These are either carved out of the diaphragm or they are screwed onto it. By applying an axial force onto the diaphragm, it bends in direction of the force.The clamping jaws simultaneouslymove axially and open in radial direction.The gearwheel is being released. Due to its flexibility the diaphragm returns to its initial position if the axial force is reduced or taken away.The gearwheel is being clamped in axial and radial direction. Released Clamped 658 Special TapApplication Form Copyand FaxorMail EMUGECorp. · 1800CenturyDrive ·WestBoylston,MA 01583-2121 Phone (508)-595-3600 · Fax (508) 595-3650 · Toll Free (800) 323-3013 · · Customer Information DistributorName: EndUserName: ContactPerson: ContactPerson: City: State: Zip: Street: Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) City: State: Zip: Customer InquiryNumber: Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) TappingApplication TapSize: Class of Fit: ThroughHole BlindHole Other: Material: Hardness: Thread Length: Thread Length: TapRequirement: Cutting Forming Either DrillDepth: Number of TapsRequired: Number ofHoles to Tap: Repeat Job: Yes No Machine Tool Manufacturer/Type: Direction ofTapping: Horizontal Vertical Feed CNCControlled NCControlled SynchronousSpindle Cam Followed LeadScrew Manual TapHolder Tension/Compression Rigid (Collet) Floating TappingAttachment/Type: Lubrication ThreadCuttingOil Emulsion %: Dry Other: Method Circulation Brush Mist Thru Tap Other: SpecialDesignSpecifications Overall Length: ShankDiameter: PitchDiameter: Min: Max: Gage Limits: Go: NoGo: Notes: Continuenotes on separate sheet ifnecessary 671 Warranty EMUGE Corp. warrants to original equipment manufacturers, distributors and industrial users of its products that each new productmanufactured or supplied by EMUGE Corp. shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. EMUGE Corp.’s obligation under thiswarranty is limited to furnishingwithout additional charge a replacement, or at its option, repairing or issuing credit for any productwhich shallwithin one year from the date of sale be returned freight prepaid to the locationdesignatedbyanEMUGECorp. representativeandwhichupon inspection isdeterminedbyEMUGECorp. tobedefective inmaterials orworkmanship.Complete information as to operating conditions,machine setup, and application of cutting fluid should accompany any product returned for inspection. The provisions of this warranty shall not apply to any EMUGE Corp. product which has been subjected tomisuse, improper operation conditions,machine setup or application of cutting fluid or whichhasbeen repairedoraltered ifsuch repairoralteration in the judgmentofEMUGECorp.wouldadverselyaffectperformance of theproduct.Thiswarranty is in lieuofallotherwarranties,expressor implied, includingany impliedwarrantyofmerchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. EMUGE Corp. shall have no liability or responsibility on any claim of any kind,whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any loss or damaging arising out of, connected with, or resulting from themanufacture, sale, delivery or sue of any product sold hereunder, in excess of the cost of replacement or repair asprovided herein. In no event shall liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages.EMUGECorp.makes no otherwarranty,express or implied,except as set forth above,and EMUGECorp.neither assumes nor authorized any other person or entity to assume for it any other obligation or liability in connectionwith any of its products. Warning • Any cutting toolmay break or shatter if improperly used. Government regulations require use of safety glasses and other appropriate safety equipment at all times in the vicinity of use. • Grinding of taps or dies may produce hazardous dust and should only be done under established safety guidelines. • Tapping fluidsmay contain hazardousmaterials.Always consult the appropriatematerial safety data sheets before the use of any EMUGE products. Notice Becausewe are constantly engaged in a program of product improvement, tool specifications are subject to change at any time. All EMUGECorp. terms and conditions are subject to changewithout notice. Terms&Conditions 664 Index ofTool IdentificationNumbers A A0181000 Rc (BSPT) 117 AU100501 UNC 36 AU100501 UNF 52 AU109101 UNC 36 AU109101 UNF 52 AU110501 M 81 AU110501 MF 97 AU110601 M 81 AU110601 MF 97 AU203000 M 81 AU203000 MF 97 AU203000 UNC 34 AU203000 UNF 50 AU203010 UNC“3B” 34 AU203010 UNF“3B” 50 AU203043 UNC“+.0035” 34 AU203043 UNF“+.0035” 50 AU203044 UNC“+.0050” 34 AU203044 UNF“+.0050” 50 AU208400 M 80 AU208400 MF 96 AU208400 UNC 34 AU208400 UNF 50 AU306001 UNC 35 AU306001 UNF 51 AU306011 UNC“3BX” 35 AU306011 UNF“3BX” 51 AU456001 UNC 35 AU456001 UNF 51 AU456011 UNC“3BX” 35 AU456011 UNF“3BX” 51 AU461000 M 80 AU461000 MF 96 AU461400 M 80 AU461400 MF 96 AU501400 M 80 AU501400 MF 96 AU503000 M 81 AU503000 MF 97 AU503200 UNC 35 AU503200 UNF 51 AU503210 UNC“3B” 35 AU503210 UNF“3B” 51 AU503243 UNC“+.0035” 35 AU503243 UNF“+.0035” 51 AU503244 UNC“+.0050” 35 AU503244 UNF“+.0050” 51 AU513500 UNC 37 AU513500 UNF 53 AU513510 UNC“3B” 37 AU513510 UNF“3B” 53 AU513700 M 81 AU513700 UNC 37 AU513700 UNF 53 AU513710 UNC“3B” 37 AU513710 UNF“3B” 53 AU921400 M 188 AU921400 UNC 175 AU921400 UNF 181 AW181000 NPT 109 AW181000 NPTF 113 AW181400 NPT 109 AW181400 NPTF 113 AW193000 NPT 109 AW193000 NPTF 113 AW193100 NPT 109 AW193100 NPTF 113 AW483000 NPT 110 AW483000 NPTF 114 AW483100 NPT 110 AW483100 NPTF 114 AW493000 NPT 110 AW493000 NPTF 114 AW493100 NPT 110 AW493100 NPTF 114 AW79J400 NPT 111 AW79J400 NPTF 115 AW889300 NPT 110 AW889300 NPTF 114 B B0100501 M 67 B0100501 MF 85 B0102000 LK-M 129 B0109101 M 67 B0109401 M 70 B010J901 G 101 B010J901 M 68 B010J901 MF 86 B010K101 G 101 B010K101 M 69 B010K101 MF 87 B010R501 M 62 B0119401 M 70 B011R501 M 63 B016K101 G 101 B016K101 M 69 B016K101 MF 87 B0203000 LK-M 129 B0203000 STI-M 124 B0203020 M“ISO3/6G” 61 B0203030 M“7G” 61 B0203100 LK-M 129 B0208400 M 59 B0208400 MF 82 B0208900 M 59 B0208900 MF 82 B0208920 M“ISO3/6G” 59 B0208930 M“7G” 59 B0208950 M-LH 60 B0208F01 M 71 B0208F01 MF 89 B0208F21 M“6GX” 71 B020A601 M 71 B020A601 MF 89 B020A621 M“6GX” 71 B020C300 M 61 B020C300 STI-M 124 B020K500 M 59 B020S800 M 63 B020S800 STI-M 124 B0306001 M 65 B0309601 M 65 B030J401 M 66 B040V401 M 66 B0453701 M 72 B0456001 M 65 B0459601 M 65 B0461400 M 60 B046L801 M 65 B0501000 M 60 B0501000 MF 83 B0501020 M“ISO3/6G” 60 B0501030 M“7G” 61 B0501050 M-LH 61 B0501400 M 60 B0501400 MF 83 B0501420 M“ISO3/6G” 61 B0501430 M“7G” 61 B0503000 M 62 B0503200 M 62 B0503200 MF 83 B0503500 M 72 B0503500 STI-M 125 B0503700 M 73 B050C300 M 62 B050C300 MF 83 B050C400 M 73 B050S800 M 63 B050S800 STI-M 124 B0513500 LK-M 130 B0513500 M 73 B0513500 MF 90 B0513500 STI-M 125 B0513700 M 73 B0513700 MF 90 B0513720 M“ISO3/6G” 73 B0513720 MF“ISO3/6G” 91 B051C400 M 73 B051C400 STI-M 125 B051S800 M 64 B0911000 M 182 B0911400 LK-M 197 B0911400 M 182 B0911400 MF 190 B0921000 M 182 B0921400 LK-M 197 B0921400 M 182 B0921400 MF 190 B0963701 M 72 B0973700 M 73 B0989501 M 64 B098Q801 M 65 B099C400 M 73 B1069101 M 67 B1069401 M 70 B106R501 M 63 B1088F01 M 71 B1088F21 M“6GX” 71 B108A601 M 71 B108A621 M“6GX” 71 B1099501 M 64 B109R501 M 63 B1577300 M 221 B1579300 M 221 B1667300 M 222 B1950901 M 67 B1950901 MF 85 B1959101 M 67 B1959401 M 70 B195R501 M 63 B1969401 M 70 B1969501 M 64 B196R501 M 63 B1970100 M 182 B2100501 M 79 B2203000 M 79 B2208900 M 78 B220C300 M 79 B2461000 M 78 B2501000 M 78 B2503000 M 79 B250C300 M 79 B3159401 M 74 B3169401 M 74 B3179401 M 74 B3189401 M 74 B3208F01 M 75 B3258F01 M 75 B3600F01 M 75 B3650F01 M 75 B4053701 M 72 B4253701 M 72 B438J401 M 66 B4933200 M 221 B4939300 M 221 B5059500 M 187 B5059500 MF 191 B505Q800 M 187 B505Q800 MF 191 B5216F00 M 183 B5217F00 M 183 B521Q200 M 184 B521W700 M 185 B521Y700 M 184 B521Z700 M 185 B521Z700 MF 191 B5236F00 M 183 B5237F00 M 183 B523Q200 M 185 B523W700 M 185 B523Y700 M 184 B523Z700 M 185 B523Z700 MF 191 B523Z800 M 186 B5296A00 M 183 B5316A00 M 183 B5317F00 M 183 B531Q200 M 185