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652 FRANKEN Advanced Milling Technology FRANKEN has a 100 year history of milling tool development, and today offers a broad range of solid carbide and HSS milling cutters. The FRANKEN program includes end mills, slot drills, die-sinking cutters, shell end mills, gear cutters and highly sophisticated profile cutters that include “Christmas Tree” cutters used in the manufacture of jet engines and power generation turbines. In addition, FRANKEN has been at the forefront of process and tooling development in the areas of Hard Machining, High Speed Cutting and High Productivity Cutting. Expertise in these areas enabled FRANKEN to develop a complete program for the Mold & Die Industry that includes extra long solid carbide ball and torus end mills, screw-in and shell type cutters with indexable inserts, as well as a complete line of tool holders and tool holding solutions with the SHRINK-MASTER induction shrink-fit system and the powRgrip ® tool clamping system. With this large variety of tool types, the highest production standards and uncompromising precision, the FRANKEN product range will answer the most unyielding quality requirements. FRANKEN Advanced Milling Technology