Threading Technology – Clamping Technology 520

659 Test-A-Tap Application Form Copy and Fax or Mail EMUGE Corp. · 1800 Century Drive · West Boylston, MA 01583-2121 Phone (508)-595-3600 · Fax (508) 595-3650 · Toll Free (800) 323-3013 · · Customer Information Distributor Name: End User Name: City: State: Zip: Division: Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) Street: Contact Person: City: State: Zip: Purchase Order #: Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) Ship Via: Contact Person: End User Reference #: EMUGE Customer: Yes No Needs Catalogs: Yes No Needs Engineer: Yes No Tapping Application Tap Size: Class of Fit: Through Hole Blind Hole Other: Material: Hardness: Thread Length: Thread Length: Tap Requirement: Cutting Forming Either Lubrication: Drill Depth: Machine Tool Manufacturer/Type: Tap Holder Manufacturer/Type: Direction of Tapping: Horizontal Vertical Number of Taps in Setup: Tap Make Presently Used: Performance/Comments: Criteria for a Successful Test: EMUGE Tap Recommendation Quantity: EDP#: Description: List Price-$/each: Speed/SFM: Tap Drill Size: Lubrication: Tap Holder: EMUGE taps are very free cutting and will easily cut oversize threads if fed out of lead. For the best result, we recommend the use of an EMUGE Quick-Change Tap Holder with built-in tension, compression, and overload clutch features. Always utilize your holder’s tension feature by programming spindle feed to 95-98% of the calculated feed rate. CALL AN EMUGE ENGINEER AT THE HOTLINE, 800-323-3013, IF YOU NEED TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. Test Result: Please Fax a Copy Immediately to EMUGE at (508) 595-3650 Tapped Holes: Yes No Thread Quality: Good Poor Tap Life: Long Short Overall Performance: Scale 1 to 10 Tap Life: Yes No Call Me Comments: Name: Date: Phone: ( ) Ext. Continue notes on separate sheet if necessary